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RSGPcoin Is not related to, Does not abbreviate for and has no connection to runescapeā„¢ (Stands For Really Sweet Gold Pieces coin)

Fair & Honest Dev

KingN Has been a member of the crypto community for several years now and follows through on promises.


We are extremely active and work extremely long hours to ensure your investment in us is worth while


We take security seriously and ensure our wallet is 100% Secure, clean and easy to use.

Smooth Transactions

Our goal is to ensure quick and easy Trades between Crypto and runescape while at the same time providing you with a vessel to store wealth.

Floating Exchange Rate

This means the exchange rate of RSGP and In-Game gold will be based on the current market value of RGSP.

Contact us for any Questions or Details!

The dev team at RSGP Coin will be available during very flexible hours in order to give you easy access to exchange your in-game coins for cryptocurrency. Contact us through live chat to make an exchange or find out the current rates, anytime you see it say ONLINE!