How it all works!

  • Coin Supply: 2147

    Staking Interest Rate: 5% Annualy

    Coins held by Dev team: 429.4

    Coins Given away/airdropped: 1000

    Coins for Bounties: 400

    Coins Backed by OSRS mils: 317.6Coins/317.6M OSRS

    RPC port: 19530

    P2P port: 19529

    Coin Information
  • So, the question you have been waiting for how will this work? Quite simply actually!

    When you load this website you will see a livechat, In this livechat you will be able to swap your RS gold/RSGPcoin back and forth, the rates will be adjusted depending on the Current price of the coin. Prices will always stay within a 10% margin to ensure noone is getting ripped off! We will accept both RS3 and OSRS gold, however we preffer OSRS, RS3 gold exchanges will be honoured at whatever the going swap rate is to OSRS

    Exchange Information
  • This coin is no longer under active development, invest at your own risk.